College Funding Consulting

Solutions For Tuition

Solutions for Tuition works with parents, grandparents and college bound students to help you implement effective cost cutting strategies that also save time. There are special strategies for Business Owners. You are likely to be successful working with us if you want to reduce the high cost of college while maintaining a quality lifestyle and protecting your wealth. Paying Full Price for College is Optional. Make a free phone call that could lead to significant college cost of attendance savings.

Fred Amrein and EFC PLUS

Fred Amrein and EFC PLUS helps students and parents make a better financial decision, as part of the college selection process.  Their innovative software generates all of the college financial information in one place.  Their online tool will provide families with college-specific information on college funding, financial aid and student loans.  EFC PLUS tool saves families time and money by putting all of the college financial information in one place and helps you find the best college value.